Thursday, April 9, 2015

Made In USA Custom Heat Transfers

Don’t know what a custom heat transfer is? Just let me introduce you if you don’t know what they are! I can guarantee you own clothing with a heat transfer on it and you just didn’t know it! Made in USA custom heat transfers can be placed inside the shirt for the care and content label. This is just one way of many to ensure that the customer wearing your product is not bothered by the tag. All the information is there you simply cannot feel it, and it cannot irritate your skin.

Custom heat transfers or heat transfer printed labels are cheaper than screen printing because you do not have to pay all the fees for screens, each color etc. Heat transfers have a one-time set up fee for the molds that take your artwork and turn them into custom heat transfers ready to apply to garments, hats, bags and more! Heat transfers can be adhered to both synthetic and natural materials.

Let your sales representative know what you will be putting the transfer on so they can request the proper materials. By providing us with this information we can produce the transfers to hold up better in washing. We can also give application instructions by knowing the material ahead of time. Here are just a few products you can use heat transfers on: apparel, fabric, hats, bags, wood and metal. Heat transfers can be made up to five colors. There are no cut or folds needed. We can make you a minimum of 100 heat transfer prints but of course the more you order in quantity the lower the price for each heat press transfers made in the USA. Quantities and prices differ in overseas production. I you are interested in overseas production for larger quantities please see our heat transfer page under wholesale clothing labels and the sales representative will help you decide what process is best for our situation.

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